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Artificial insemination conception rates of up to 90% are possible using our systematic approach to breeding depending on quality of semen and method of AI.

Here at Southview ReproVets we offer

Standard Pipette Artificial Insemination (AI) of brood bitch with fresh semen.

Transcervical Insemination (TCI) with fresh or frozen semen – no general anaesthetic or surgical procedure required. We are the only VETERINARY OWNED repro service offering this.

Surgical Insemination (SI) with fresh or frozen semen.

• Semen extraction and analysis from stud dogs.

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Failed matings? We can investigate and work with breeders to upgrade their mating procedures to maximise fertility rates.

Infertile or subfertile males? We offer semen analysis, health checks and treatment, if possible, to improve semen quality.

Brood bitch not coming in season? We can health check, ultrasound and offer progesterone testing and diagnose and treat fertility issues to result in a healthy season and hopefully ovulation and conception.

Ovarian Cysts? We treat ovarian cysts.

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Progesterone Testing is the key to correct timing of mating whether for a natural mating or artificial insemination.

We offer in house Progesterone testing with our MiniVidas System which allows us to have test results in one hour for breeders and for veterinary surgeons.

We email results to veterinary surgeons but are also available to give advice on the phone to vets.

Progesterone testing when your bitch is in season will also facilitate a very accurate prediction of whelping date.

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Emergency team available at all times for Caesarean Sections.

Elective Caesarean Sections planned and facilitated by our vets to maximise health and safety of all the puppies in the litter as well as the brood bitch.

Post whelping advice and care from our nurses and veterinary surgeons.

Ultrasound and progesterone testing during pregnancy to determine litter sizes, health and predicted whelping dates.

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At Southview ReproVets we process and store semen in a pelleted form and use a special extender to protect the sperm when freezing it. This yields excellent quality frozen semen with high conception rates and puppy survival.

During processing one frozen pellet is thawed to determine how many breeding units (inseminations) we will get from the extraction.

On average we get 3-4 breeding units per extraction depending on semen quality.

The semen can be stored indefinitely without deterioration provided storage conditions remain constant. We charge storage on annual basis depending on how many breeding units are stored with us.


  • To export his semen to other breeders around the world
  • To enable line breeding
  • As an insurance policy that you can call on if your dog is injured or if semen quality declines due to illness or old age
  • If Stud dogs are very busy and need to mate a number of bitches in a short period of time

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  • We import and export canine semen worldwide
  • We organise the necessary licenses
  • We organise the dry shippers for transportation of semen
  • We organise the couriers
  • We organise the blood tests and treatments necessary for your dog to transport the semen

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